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WOW!!! Our mini 2.75x4 Double Yellow Drawstring Bags Are Featured In MARTHA STEWART LIVING MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2008!  Take A Look!  Holiday Tip:  These are great stamped for use as Holiday Treat Bags, Wedding Favors and even Holiday Ornaments and Decorations!!! Our non-colored string bags are great for use in the kitchen as culinary bags as well... see further down...

We currently specialize in All Natural Cotton Muslin Drawstring Bags! We offer affordable bags in a variety of sizes and quantities to choose from. We Ship Worldwide and We Ship FAST!  We're pretty competitive with our prices and our service is top-notch!  Our Bags Are A " GREEN "- Ecologically Friendly Choice!  We're your new Cotton Muslin Drawstring Bag Resource!  WELCOME!

The use of these bags is only limited by your imagination. They are used as product packaging* and in scrapbooking by home crafters and artisans, in the Automotive, Aviation, and Marine industries as parts bags...  and many an outdoor use by athletes, campers and fisherman.  These have even been used in holding teas, coffee, or spices and used in food preparation and cooking.    When used in culinary applications we reccommend that the bags be washed before use.  The uses are endless! These can be sewn, stamped, and even hand dyed your favorite color. You can even put your name and logo on them. We really like them. We hope you'll like them too. We use them for everything! The question is... What will you use them for??? 

Our bags are the original mill cloth natural muslin drawstring bags. There are other bags that resemble these but that are not necessarily the original. What does it mean to be an original mill cloth drawstring bags??? 

Many bags are imported. Foreign textiles are often sprayed with chemicals and pesticides upon coming into the country to limit disease and infestation. Some are manufactured utilizing unfair labor practices. Plus some cotton used in foreign bags is often of inferior strength and quality. 

Our bags are minimally processed, FULLY MADE IN AMERICA USING VIRGIN AMERICAN COTTON . The chemicals used in weaving our bags contain No Toxic Substances.   

We are proud to bring you a quality product such as these. LOOK FOR OUR NAME AND LOGO when ordering bags to make sure you're getting the original mill-cloth cotton muslin drawstring bag!!!  


* PRODUCT NOTE: Although our cotton muslin drawstring bags are manufactured using a natural sizing technique and are precision cut and sewn, sizes may not be "exact"!  Our bags are measured in inches and the sizes listed are used as a guideline...  As with most natural cotton products there will often be a size variation due to shrinkage from the differences in cotton crop, weaving technique, and humidity... Depending on the size of bag, there may be a varience of (+/-) 1/8 to 1/4 inch possible.  It's better not to cut it too close!  Be sure to allow extra room as a "perfectly" snug fit is not guaranteed nor advised.  Please be aware of this to avoid using the wrong size bag for your application or maybe even consider using a larger size for your purpose... If in doubt, contact us for sizing information before purchasing . It's always better to ask before you buy!  Please contact us with any questions about any of our products.  We're always glad to help!

SHIPPING NOTE:  Domestic and International customers: Be aware that postal shipping standards only apply within our respective borders and are only a service quideline.  Local holidays can also cause delivery delays.  Once your package leaves our border, your country's shipping standard then applies.  Delays are possible with any package going through customs.   To avoid surprises, be equally aware of your country's duties and taxes, and possible charges for such, when purchasing your items.  While we are known and respected for our quick processing times, once your order is in the hands of our delivery or postal services, delays are possible. Please Be Patient and ORDER EARLY TO AVOID DELAYS... ESPECIALLY DURING OUR BUSY HOLIDAY SEASON!

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2.75x4 Mini Cotton Muslin Bags w/ Yellow Double Drawstring ~ 100 count
2.75x4 Mini Cotton Muslin Bags w/ Yellow Double Drawstring ~ 100 count
FEATURED IN MARTHA STEWART LIVING MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2008!!! Pg 60 TOP! Perfect for crafts and packaging. Fill and use as holiday tree ornaments too. A classic favorite. Remember that olde time "gold nugget" bubble gum that came in the cloth bag with the two yellow drawstrings.... Yep! These are the bags!!! Want the same bag with the non-colored string? We have those too!!!

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