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Ring in Spring with our Lavender Toss Bags

April showers have arrived across the nation, the trees are blooming and the sun is shining – spring has definitely sprung, and that means June weddings are quickly approaching! Wedding season is one of our favorite times of the year, and it’s prime time for one of our favorite products: our lavender-filled stamped bags.

Throw Me
Throw Me

If you’re a bride planning a wedding, you already have enough to worry about: catering, photographer, cake, dresses, making sure the DJ understand that The Chicken Dance is absolutely off-limits. The last thing you need is to stay up until the wee hours of the morning before your big day stuffing rice or bird seed into tiny, forgettable Ziplock bags for your guests to throw during your recessional. Besides, rice has become taboo and bird seed often contains dust and dirt that you don’t want to wear on your dress or in your hair for the duration of your reception.

That’s where we come in! Lavender is a great alternative to rice or seed because it is earth- and animal-friendly, won’t ruin your dress, and it looks and smells sublime. As an added bonus, these bags arrive ready-to-use, already filled and stamped with your choice of stock graphics or custom imprints. Your guests will remember the scent lingering in the air for years to come, and can use the bag as a sachet or keepsake after the festivities.

Best of all, these bags aren’t just for wedding favors. We can custom-stamp and lavender-fill these natural cotton bags for bridal or baby showers, birthdays, graduations, and many more occasions. The possibilities are limitless with this all-purpose product. With a two-week turnaround time for custom-stamped bags, there’s still time to order these for your summer wedding, graduation, or other celebrations; contact us today to get started!