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Beat the Burr With DIY Hand Warmers

The mornings are getting colder, the evenings are getting darker, and the leaves have begun to turn. It’s official: fall is here. While we love all that fall brings, it can surely get cold at times. Depending on where you live, you might have even skipped over fall and are expecting snow! Regardless, the cool mornings and oncoming cold nights means that you’ll want to dress warm, or be warm, with these nifty little rice-filled DIY hand warmers.

It’s super easy and only requires 3 materials to make, including Celestial Gifts’ bags. We recommend using smaller, 3.25×5 natural muslin bags for this project because they’re the perfect size for gripping. After you’ve made it, just microwave the hand warmers for 30-40 seconds and it’ll stay warm for up to 20 minutes! You could probably make a few of these and put them in an insulated container to swap out with at outdoor sporting events, too. Find the directions for making these reusable and economic hand warmers below!


DIY Rice-Filled Hand Warmers


  • White rice (about ¾ cup per 3.25×5 bag)
  • Celestial Gift’s bags of your choosing (we recommend 3.25×5 natural muslin bags)
  • Essential oil of your choosing
  • Microwave… (for warming purposes)


  1. Measure ¾ cup of white rice.
  2. Pour into Celestial Gifts’ bag until full.
  3. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the bag.
  4. Tie the drawstrings in a tight knot!
  5. Rub around your hands so that the oil coats all the inside rice.
  6. Heat in the microwave for 30-40 second. It’s ready to use!



  • If your hand warmer has lost its smell, either open the bag and place a few more drops, or place directly onto the hand warmer.
  • These are perfect for people that don’t know how to sew and don’t want to go through the hassle of pins, needles, and a sewing machine!
  • Freeze these and they become ice packs.
  • This can only be done with Celestial Gifts’ 100% natural muslin cotton! Polyester anything will burn in the microwave. Don’t make that mistake!