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Shock the Block with Spooky Halloween Bags

Trickers and treaters and all the in-betweeners – we’ve got Halloween bags custom stamped for this coming Halloween! Give out spooky “bags of bones” by filling a Celestial Gifts’ natural muslin bag with meringues, marshmallows, or white chocolate-covered pretzels. Customize them even further by decorating the marshmallows with skeletal faces using edible ink or black icing. For Halloween party planners, our bags add the perfect touch to your event where the typical plastic bag appears all too common. And since our bags are reusable, your guests can use the bags again after.

Celestial Gifts’ bags are completely customizable, so DIYer’s can rejoice in creating an array of spooky décor out of them. Paint ghastly faces on a variety of Celestial Gifts’ bags with glow-in-the-dark paint and hang them from a tree in your yard to create a tree of haunted spirits. Whichever way you decide to get into the holiday spirit, Celestial Gifts has the bags to make your Halloween truly spooktacular.

You’ll Need:

  • Celestial Gifts 6×8 Bags Black Hem and Black Drawstring Bags (or any variety and size you’d like)
  • Glow-in-the-dark fabric paint
  • White rice (enough to fill the bag of your choosing)


Using our Celestial Gifts’ bags, paint spooky faces using glow-in-the-d ark paint onto the outside face of the bag. Let dry for an hour. Once dried, fill the bag with enough white rice to expand the bag and add weight. Hang from a tree outside your house and wait for nightfall!