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Reusable Muslin Bags are Sustainable

Sustainability and environmental consciousness has become a trademark in our modern lives. From the plastic bags offered at grocery stores to the water bottles we drink from, our future points toward sustainability rather than single use items. In recent years, the anti-plastic bag movement has gone full-force, and from coworkers to grocery stores, you can see people replacing their plastic snack bags and grocery bags with cloth alternatives. Celestial Gifts reusable muslin bags are economic, sustainable, efficient, and reusable, capturing the essence of the reusable lifestyle.

Large families know the strain of buying the $5 box of plastic sandwich bags every 2 weeks. We understand the importance of making that dollar stretch… and for the price of 6 months’ worth of plastic bags, families can easily buy 100 reusable 6×8 natural* cotton drawstring bags for the same price. Essentially, by replacing your plastic sandwich bags with cotton bags, you’d save an average of $100 a year. While that may seem like small savings, think about the other areas in your life where you could replace disposable, non-sustainable items with reusable bags. Even with slightly wet foods like produce or cheeses, cloth bags remain a utility.

In an earlier blog post, we showed how pioneers have been waterproofing their cottons bags for centuries by simply coating them in natural* beeswax. Once proofed, the bag can be used to store veggies and leftover ingredients that typically release moisture. It holds up to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and doesn’t carry grease released by potato chips. The bags can be easily cleaned by just rinsing them in cool, soapy water. Whether you’re looking for sustainable goods or economic alternatives, Celestial Gifts offers a variety of natural muslin bags for all of your storage needs.