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Let Us Count The Ways

We serve up a lot of craft ideas for our cotton muslin bags, some of which involve decorating the bag or giving you free reign to decorate it yourself. We’ve rounded up a handful of ways to decorate a plain cotton bag, to give you inspiration for your next craft!

  1. Stamp it. Craft stores are bursting at the seams with stamp options that are ideal for any craft. Whether it’s holiday inspired or for every day use, you’ll find a stamp that’s perfect for the occasion and use.
  2. Use veggies. We’re talking potatoes, specifically. Spuds are versatile, not just at the dinner table, but at the craft table instead. Simply remove the skin from a portion of the potato, cut it into a desired shape, dip into paint and you have your own, DIY stamp!
  3. Iron on. Iron on patches or designs aren’t just for t-shirts and bookbags, they’re great for any craft using cotton muslin bags!
  4. Ombre it. Ombre isn’t just for your hairstyle. Use your favorite color paint, in various shades, to create an ombre effect for your cotton muslin bags.
  5. Inspire it. A to-go bag or gift bag is the ideal place to add inspiring messages. Either iron something on or write it yourself using permanent markers or paints.