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Get creative with our muslin bags in the kitchen

You’d be surprised with the multiple uses of cotton muslin bags in the kitchen whether it be for storing or cooking food. One of the simplest uses is of course replacing wasteful plastic bags when packing you or your kids’ lunches. The muslin bags are great for sandwiches and raw vegetables like carrots and celery, just remember to tell them not to throw them away since they’re reusable!

Our cotton muslin bags also help out cooking in the kitchen! Stuff one of our smaller bags with tea leaves, herbs and spices to use them as reusable tea bags, and in the same vein, fill a bag with seasonings when making soup with herbs that need to be removed before eating.

With all these methods, cleaning is simple. You can hand-wash them with a mild soap, or if you’re short on time throw them in the washing machine! It makes your life easier all the while promoting reuse and recycling.