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Make beach trips easier for everyone

It’s almost the end of summer and the temperature is at its peak, which means it’s the perfect time to go the beach. Unfortunately, beach trips can be frustrating at times, but making use of our cotton muslin bags can help the vacation be nothing but smooth sailing.

Everyone knows beach food is not the most cost-effective option, so bring lunch from home or hotel in our muslin bags for a more economical option. The bag will protect your food from gritty sand and bringing your own meal will save you quite a few bucks.

If you have kids, you know the problems with beach toys bringing sand back into your car, hotel room and eventually your home, no matter how clean you think you got them. The best way to carry these sand traps is in (you guessed it) our muslin bags. After you wash them off in the ocean, throw them in the bags for next time, keeping anything gritty inside.