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Upgrade your packaging with muslin bags

Whether you’re a small online business like us or selling your goods to your friends and family, you know that presentation is half the product. It’s the first thing your customers see! Do you use boring plastic bags, or in case of fragile jewelry, bubble wrap? Our cotton muslin bags are the best way to present your product.

With a wide range of sizes, our bags can fit your small and medium sized products with our largest size being 20” by 20”. Our bags can also be customized with your initials or even brand logo. Using these bags for your products will delight your customers and help your brand stand out among cheap plastic bags. Best of all, they can reuse them!

They’re perfect for:
• Jewelry
• Clothing
• Blankets
• Books
• Small Goods
• Anything that can fit in a 20”x20” bag!