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Freshen up your laundry with Lavender Dryer Bags

While today’s detergents are imbued with synthetic fragrance, there’s nothing better than the beautiful smell of fresh lavender. Using just Celestial Gifts muslin drawstring bags and fresh lavender buds, you can have your whole family sniffing the laundry all day.

To make them, simply fill the muslin bags with the lavender buds and pull the drawstrings tight. Be sure you don’t fill the bags so much you can’t completely close them. To be safe, you can tie the drawstrings in a knot so nothing spills out.

To use, toss the bag in the dryer. While the bags themselves are very fragrant, they only leave a small trace of the lavender, so add another bag if you want the scent stronger. The bags last through several loads of laundry and refill easily. For a personal touch, you can embroider a design on the front or we can custom stamp a graphic of your choice!