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Use Sustainable Muslin Bags Around the House

Storage is a necessity in most households for holding handfuls of small things, like loose paperclips in the office, needles in the sewing kit or screws in the garage. Instead of using plastic bags that are not only environmentally un-friendly but not aesthetically pleasing, use Celestial Gifts cotton bags! These bags are environmentally friendly and, of course, look great! If you’re looking to label them, either have us custom stamp them, stamp them yourself or even quicker draw the item in the bag on the outside with a marker.

Remember our bags don’t just come in smaller sizes! We have a tiny 2.75 x 4 bag all the way up to a 20 x 20 bag for larger items like books. With Celestial Gifts bags, you can transform your home storage in something unique, attractive and most importantly, sustainable.