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Ideas for the Holidays with Celestial Gifts Bags

Save the hassle of holiday shopping and add more sentiment to your gift-giving with DIY gifts this season. Use these ideas for celebrating the holidays creatively and responsibly!

Delicious Snack Bags
Get several family sized bags of gourmet nuts, candy or treats and fill 6 x 8 cotton bags with the recipient’s favorite or a mixture! Even better, custom stamp them with their initials! This is great gift that can be customized for just about everyone!

Unique Gift Bags
Go green and forgo wrapping paper! Use Celestial Gifts bags instead! They can be uniquely customized to your liking and be reused rather than thrown away! We also have a large variety of sizes to accommodate even larger gifts!

The Gift of Celestial Gifts
Know an artist selling their products online in plastic? Give the gift of branded product packaging adorned with their personal logo! This gives their business a professional look while remaining environmentally conscious. Our bags come in large packs, so you can have them prepared for up to a thousand orders!