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Celebrate Your Easter with Celestial Gifts

We have a few DIY ideas to make your Easter weekend truly special for everyone! From Easter baskets, egg hunts and games, you can use Celestial Gifts cotton muslin bags to add a bit of creativity to your holiday weekend. Try these ideas with your own family!

Candy Bags
● Stuff your kids’ favorite sweets into small 3×5 bags and hide them around the house or yard or put them in their baskets!
Egg Hunt
● For your egg hunt, use large 18×16 bags for kids to place their prizes in, and custom stamp them or decorate them yourself!
Bunny Toss
● Draw a rabbit on a 3-foot piece of stiff cardboard and cut holes for the rabbit’s mouth and stomach.
● Fill small 3×5 bags with candy or filling and tie them closed
● Have kids throw their bags through the holes for points!