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Keep the Kids Busy with Celestial Gifts Crafts!

Summer is filled with sports games, beach days and cookouts, but the quiet times in between are the ones really matter. Crafts really get your kids thinking and creating, and Celestial Gifts bags are perfect for letting young imaginations run wild! 

Our favorite idea is making time capsules your kids can open when they’re older! Have your child decorate a medium sized muslin bag like this 8×14 Cotton Bag how they like, or have us custom stamp the bag with their initials or a picture! Then, have them write a letter to their future selves and include a fact sheet that includes their name, height, best friends, favorite things and hobbies. Fill it up with mementos of their last vacation or one of their toys and store it somewhere safe to gift it back on a special occasion like their 18th birthday or high school graduation! It will be a great memory for them to look back on, and a fun way to look toward the future.

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