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Five Things Product Packaging Must Do

Assorted custom stamped cotton muslin bags - these make great packaging

Five Things Product Packaging Must Do

The simple muslin bags we create here at Celestial Gifts are ideal for product packaging. We find that businesses small and large are turning to us to create custom stamped and even custom sized bags for their packaging needs. These businesses have made us think more and more about our work and why simple, cotton muslin bags are such a powerful packaging material.

This article from Forbes about five things product packaging must do is an interesting read. It confirms some of the reasons we think Celestial Gifts bags are great packaging. According to Forbes, your packaging should stand out while also being very simple. It should pass the “five-year-old test.” That is, if you can describe your brand to a five-year-old, send them into the store to buy your product, and they’re able to get it, then your packaging is hitting the mark. “For example, you could tell a five-year-old, to get the salt pack with the girl in a yellow coat with an umbrella on it; she will come back with Morton Salt,” says Forbes.

Celestial Gifts muslin bags fulfill these characteristics of great packaging:

Cotton bags automatically stand out from the crowd.

In our culture of throwaway packaging, it’s not too often that you see a product packaged in cotton. A cotton bag lends your product another level of quality and interest.

Cotton bags are simple.

They harken back to a simpler time, when things were made well and constructed from simple, pure materials.

Custom stamped bags pass the “five-year-old test.”

Stamped designs are inherently bold, graphic and simple. The medium demands it. Take a look at some of the designs in the photo above. The images are very simple and striking—the Morton Salt girl would fit right in here!

When we started out making our cotton muslin bags, we weren’t thinking about things like packaging strategy and brand recognition. We were just following our gut that these neat little bags were useful in lots of ways. Our customers continually teach us new uses for our bags and new ways to incorporate them into all kinds of businesses. If you are using Celestial Gifts bags in your business, let us know how you are using them!

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