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DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

Crafting Supplies for DIY Holiday Gift Wrap with Celestial Gift Muslin Bags

DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

Everyone loves receiving gifts, but not everyone loves wrapping them. Using paper and tape is fun until you reach your fourth or fifth present. Then it can become tedious and maybe even a little bit boring.

You’ve spent so much time picking the perfect presents – why not create your own wrapping that’s personalized? We thought we would share with you some of our favorite ways you can transform our bags into gift wrapping. These little projects are fun, easy and a nice break from doing the same-old, same-old. The best part is these gift bags are reusable, so your loved one is really getting two presents in one.


All you need for this one is acrylic paint, brushes of your choosing, and a cotton bag. You can freehand your own designs, or if you want, you could use stencils for a more uniform look. Want inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page for some examples we love!


This method may sound intimidating, but it’s surprisingly easy. You just need hot water, liquid dye you can pick up at any crafting store, and a way to stir the dye. The directions for how to use the dye may vary a little from brand to brand, but we can give you some basic tips. Mix the dye and hot water together according to the box’s instructions. You can use more dye for richer color, or dilute it down for pretty pastels. Once everything is stirred together, you can start dyeing your bags.

Here are a few techniques you can try: dip-dyeing the bottom, mixing a custom shade to dye the whole bag, or even making a watercolor effect by painting multiple shades onto the bag.

Custom stamping

If you’ve got a lot of crafts on your to-do list and don’t want to take on another project, we’re happy to help. We offer custom stamping on a variety of our bags. We’ve done stamping for weddings, parties, and even for product packaging.

If you end up trying any of these wrapping ideas, show us on Facebook! We’d love to see your results.

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