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Limited Edition Packaging

Mittens Printed on Celestial Gifts Muslin Bag for Winter Packaging

Limited Edition Packaging

Now more than ever, people look forward to holiday-exclusive items. If your company is offering limited-edition products for the season, this is a fun opportunity to mix it up with your packaging. We wanted to share with you some tips and tricks to showcase holiday cheer on our cotton bags.

The key to having successful seasonal packaging is to bring back fond memories for the customers who touch your product. Every person has special holiday traditions, but some themes are more universal than others. Here are some of our top tips to keep in mind for what to include in designing seasonal packaging everyone will love.

  1. Instead of opting for certain holiday-specific colors, try incorporating metallic shades reminiscent of sparkly decorations. Bonus: you can use this packaging throughout January as well to celebrate the New Year.
  2. Everyone loves animals. Polar bears and penguins seem to pop up everywhere around this time of the year, and with good reason! They’re cute and appreciated by everyone.
  3. Draw inspiration from winter activities. Simple illustrated graphics are trendy for packaging during the winter months. Try using scarves, mittens, sleds, or snowflakes.

Not every business wants to release seasonal items, but if you do, we’re ready to give you festive packaging to match your products.Our last blog post was all about DIY holiday gift wrapping. Feel free to look at that post for ways to bring these ideas into reality. Another great place to find ideas is our Pinterest page.

If you try some of these packaging ideas, show us on Facebook! We’d love to see your results.

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