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3 Easy Halloween Crafts

Bag with Corn Shaped Candies

Halloween is approaching quickly, and so is the rest of the holiday season. Have you started planning yet? We have a few creative ideas for Halloween crafts that trick-or-treaters and party guests will love. These crafts are all easy and are a great way to use our 100% US grown cotton muslin bags.

  1. Friendly ghost lollipops. This is a classic Halloween hack. Typically, people will use coffee filters or tissues and wrap them around the top of a lollipop. Once you’ve wrapped up the lollipop, you can draw a face on the tissue with classic ghost features. We recommend using a Celestial Gift bag for a similar effect. The bags are reusable, so anyone who unwraps your ghost lollipops will have a muslin bag they can keep. You can hand these out on Halloween night, or fill a bowl with them for a Halloween party.
  2. Takeaway treat bags. This idea is perfect for trick-or-treaters and would also work well as a party favor. Decorate the outside of a muslin bag with Jack-o-Lantern faces, skeletons, bats, or other Halloween staples. You can fill your newly decorated takeaway bag with candy or homemade treats. Don’t feel like decorating all the bags? Look into our custom stamping options, or purchase ones like this.
  3. Recycle Celestial Gift bags into mummy wrapping. If it’s time to get new Celestial Gift bags, don’t throw away your old ones! Cut them up into long strips to make “mummy wrapping.” You can wind the strips of cloth around mason jars and draw some eyes on them to make mummy mason jars. What other uses can you think of for these mummy wrappings?

These are just a few of our favorite ways to incorporate Celestial gift bags into your Halloween setup. If you try any of these Halloween crafts, let us know in the comments. For more Halloween and other seasonal inspiration, follow us on Pinterest! We pin a variety of décor and DIY ideas.

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