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Easy Spice Sachets for Fall Recipes

Mulled Wine in Mugs

Now that fall has arrived, we wanted to share some of our favorite fall recipes that use spice sachets. Nothing is cozier than a warm bowl of soup, or a mug of hot cider. With Celestial Gift muslin bags, it’s easy to add more flavor to your food with minimal clean-up, especially with simmered dishes perfect for autumn. Just remember that for these recipes, you’ll want to use our bags without colored strings for food safety purposes.

  1. Use fresh or dried herbs in a sachet for flavorful, savory soups and stews. Bay leaves, rosemary, thyme… No matter what kind of spice you’re looking to add to your pots this season, Celestial Gifts make it easy to infuse potent flavor to your food. Try a mix of peppercorn and rosemary bunches in beef stew, or go dried bay leaves and sage bunches for a classic chicken noodle.
  2. Take hot apple cider to the next level with a sweet blend. Nutmeg seeds and cinnamon sticks steep beautifully in apple juice for a traditional cider. If you’re looking to experiment with some more exotic flavors, try adding some cardamom pods or clove buds.
  3. Our bags work wonderfully for mulled wine. Many people love to make mulled wine in fall and winter. You can make your own blend of mulling spices with dried fruits, like oranges and apples, and spices, like cinnamon and ginger. By putting all of the spices in a bag, you can ensure a consistent texture and easy cleanup. Please note that this process will likely color your bag if you use red wine.

If you’re interested in seeing some of our favorite fall recipes, head over to our Pinterest board. Whatever recipe you want to work with, simply bundle bulkier herbs and spices in a Celestial Gift muslin bag before simmering in the pot. That way the flavor will infuse with your food or drink as it cooks and you can easily remove the bundle when it’s serving time. Remember to be creative in the kitchen. If the recipe doesn’t call for a certain spice or herb you think would be delicious, add them to your muslin bag.

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