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Etsy Holiday Shopping Trends 2018

Christmas muslin bag arrangement

Many of our Celestial Gifts customers are proud Etsy shop owners. Our muslin bags are a wonderful packaging option, and we like to keep an eye on what’s trending on Etsy so you can wow your customers. We know this is a big time of the year as many customers start their Etsy holiday shopping. Today, we’re summarizing some of the top trends Etsy discussed in a recent blog post and how to incorporate the trends by using Celestial Gifts.

  1. This is the perfect time to utilize bold typography. Many shoppers turn to Etsy for personal, unique gifts. Your packaging is the first thing your customers will see, and you want to impress them with that first glance. It’s important to showcase your brand, and a great way to do that is by using a bold typeface that aligns with your overall product style. Don’t be afraid to write or stamp Happy Holidays in a trendy font as long as it makes sense with your product.
  2. Reusable wrapping paper is on the rise. While our bags aren’t wrapping paper, they are certainly reusable. Many Etsy shoppers are concerned about the environment. Not only do these customers prioritize quality in a product, they also want those products to be ethically sourced. This can apply even to product packaging and wrapping. Instead of boxing your product and wrapping it, you can place your goods in a Celestial Gift before sealing it for shipment.
  3. Vintage is trending again. Etsy’s trend writer, Dayna, describes this trend as “nostalgic Christmas.” Essentially, this trend is all about Christmas items that remind the receiver of simpler times. Anything that has a 50s or 60s holiday twist is sure to please – and believe it or not, the cheesier the better! Go for a not-so-subtle print of Santa Claus or a Christmas tree on your Celestial Gifts to fit with this trend. If you don’t have time to handstamp, we offer some pre-printed bags that capitalize on this trend.

These are some of the top trends to keep an eye on when it comes to product packaging. The trend writer also reported that statement jewelry and natural beauty products will likely be popular gift ideas for Etsy holiday shopping. Both of those product categories would work well with Celestial Gift packaging. Do you see any ideas that catch your eye?

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