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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Holiday gift shopping is fun, but can sometimes be overwhelming. Gifts can quickly become expensive, and it can be hard to think of unique gifts for everyone. If you’re feeling burnt out from holiday gift giving, it’s all too easy to forget about stocking stuffers. We aren’t just talking about small presents that can literally fit in a stocking. Nowadays, stocking stuffers typically refer to smaller gifts for your loved ones, or even little presents for casual acquaintances or coworkers. Here are our top tips for great last minute stocking stuffer ideas.

1. Go for a DIY project. We recently wrote a blog post all about DIY gifts you can make in big batches. These ideas are perfect if you’re feeling crafty and want to knock out stocking stuffers for several people at one time. DIY projects work really well as stocking stuffers because they are thoughtful, but can still be low cost and easy, especially if you make a large batch.

2. It’s all about the wrapping. Sometimes, even the simplest gift can be more personal and thoughtful if it’s uniquely wrapped. Celestial Gifts make for a great gift wrap. The possibilities are endless for how you can personalize a muslin bag for each recipient. When you use Celestial gifts as present packaging, your gift is sure to stand out from traditionally wrapped boxes and bags. As a bonus, this is a great way to use up any extra Celestial Gifts bags from holiday crafts.

3. Buy several items in bulk and bundle them together. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a variety of items in bulk and creating holiday gift bundles. A DIY spa kit could easily be less than 15 dollars, packed with a nice lip balm, body scrub and lotion. You could also make a gift bundle of office supplies, mini cocktail or mocktail kits, or anything else your loved ones would enjoy. Place everything together in a decorated bag for cute wrapping your friends will love!

We hope these suggestions for easy last minute stocking stuffer ideas are helpful. These are just a few ideas we came up with – to see more, head over to our Pinterest. What kind of goodies are you gifting as stocking stuffers?

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