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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

New Years Eve Party Hat

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

The end of the year is right around the corner! Just when the Christmas parties start winding down, it’s time to plan for New Year’s Eve. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to party planning, from snacks to drinks to activities. Ring in the New Year with some of our favorite party ideas that use Celestial Gifts.

  1. Pass out bags of confetti at the beginning of the evening. When your guests arrive, place muslin bags of confetti at the entry way. You can write a simple sign encouraging guests to pick up a bag and scatter the confetti at the end of the countdown. There may be glitter on the floor after the party to clean up, but this is a great way to get everyone excited and involved in the midnight countdown.
  2. Make DIY headache kits as party favors. Let’s face it – your guests may want to let loose with some bubbly at your New Year’s party. Making DIY headache kits is a clever, but still thoughtful party favor for your guests. Pack some ibuprofen and crackers in a muslin bag and wrap it around a water bottle or a single serving sports drink to help them recover on New Year’s Day. Your guests will be sure to thank you in the morning!
  3. Make a bag for people to fill with their favorite memories of 2018. You can create cards for people to fill out with their most memorable moments of 2018. Collect them in a muslin bag, and you can either read them aloud as a group, or let people pull out cards to read throughout the evening. We love this idea because you’ll be able to entertain your guests and create mementos from 2018 at the same time.

New Year’s parties are always a great end to the holiday season. If you plan on hosting a gathering this year, be sure to try out some of our New Year’s Eve party ideas. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, head to our Pinterest dedicated to New Year’s Eve. From all of us at Celestial Gifts, we hope you have a wonderful remainder of the holiday season.

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