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Spring Wedding Favor Ideas 2019

Muslin bags set up at a wedding for wedding favor ideas

Wedding season is swiftly approaching. Many of our customers purchase Celestial Gifts to use in their weddings. Whether you are a wedding planner, or you’re a bride mapping out all the details to your wedding, one of the most important things to consider is wedding favors. Wedding favors allow you to thank your guests for attending your wedding. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite  wedding favor ideas that are on trend in 2019. This year, Etsy is predicting that functional wedding favors will be popular amongst brides and guests.

  1. Create your own custom tea blend. You can stamp the date of your wedding on the bag, or you can write out the ingredients. The possibilities are endless. There are websites you can use to create your own blend, or you can purchase herbs and spices in bulk and have fun DIYing it! More of a coffee drinker? You can put whole or ground beans in a muslin bag as a favor as well.
  2. Wildflower seeds are easy to plant and make for a unique wedding favor. You can purchase large sacks of wildflower seed from a home improvement or gardening store. All you’ll need to do is divide the seed in a muslin bag and include a printed card with instructions on how to scatter the seed. Guests can plant the seeds and have memories that last months after the wedding.
  3. A beauty product can be custom packaged for a thoughtful, useful favor. You could opt for a lip balm, soap, or even a bath product. You could try your hand at making these yourself, or you could place an order with a wholesaler.
  4. Bundle together a mini olive oil and balsamic for a classy take home treat. Miniature bottles of these products can be purchased in large quantities for a surprisingly low cost. By putting them in a Celestial Gifts bag, your guests can keep them together easily so they don’t get separated.


We hope you found this round up of wedding favor ideas to be helpful. No matter what favor you decide to go with, you can add an extra personal touch with our custom stamping option. We can stamp the wedding date, a print, names or anything else you can dream of. With a functional wedding favor, guests are sure to remember your special day with fond memories and a useful gift.

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