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DIY Allergy Remedies with Celestial Gifts

Allergy relief from aromatherapy essential oils

With spring in full swing, allergy season is coming on strong. Throughout the US, trees are starting to bloom, and flowers are growing. The beauty of the season is much appreciated, but itchy eyes and runny noses are not quite so enjoyable. This year, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY allergy remedies to beat allergy season.

  1. If you have a tub, try taking a bath. The steam from a bath or shower will naturally help clear up any congestion, but by adding a few things to your bath, you can take that effect even further. Instead of opting for something like a menthol rub, you can achieve the same results by adding eucalyptus and peppermint to your bath. You can also try using frankincense, a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. You can either drop the oil directly in the tub, or you can make your own salt blend. This is a great opportunity to try using one of our plastic Celestial Gifts bags to store your finished salts.
  2. Custom tea blends can incorporate herbs and flavors that will alleviate different aspects of allergy symptoms. For a blend that will make you sleepy and provide some comfort, use a chamomile base and add lavender buds. Lavender teas are becoming more popular for not only their unique flavor, but the many perks lavender aromatherapy provides. Once you’ve combined all the ingredients together, you can place a small portion in a Celestial Gift bag for steeping. Once your brew has reached your desired temperature, you can add honey or freshly squeezed lemon juice to your mug to help soothe sore throats.
  3. Make your own wax melts with the right ingredients for DIY allergy relief. If you have experience making DIY wax melts, this will be right up your alley. All you’ll need is a wax of your choice (we recommend soy melts for the best scent throw), a cute silicone mold, and some essential oils. Once you’ve melted down the wax, add some drops of oil into the mixture. You can use a blend of peppermint and lavender for a light, yet potent scent that will make breathing a little bit easier. Pour the hot wax into a silicone mold, and leave it to cool. Once cooled, store your wax melts in a Celestial Gift bag until you’re ready to use one.

DIY allergy remedies are a natural, effective way to alleviate unpleasant symptoms during pollen season. If you tend to experience congestion or sore throat this time of year, we encourage you to try one of these DIY allergy remedies.

This article is strictly the opinion of Celestial Gifts and should not be taken as medical advice from a licensed professional. For serious medical concerns, contact a healthcare provider.

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