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3 Ways to Reduce Waste with Celestial Gifts

Family holding Earth in hands for Earth Day.

Celestial Gifts muslin bags are made from 100% US grown cotton, making them friendly for the environment. Since our bags are made from high quality muslin, Celestial Gifts are reusable. This Earth Day, we encourage  you to consider these easy ways you can reduce waste by incorporating Celestial Gifts in place of something disposable.

  1. Use a muslin bag for produce instead of plastic bags at the grocery store. If you purchase a lot of fresh produce, you probably use a lot of disposable plastic bags. Muslin bags are a breathable, reusable alternative to take with you to the store. Once you bring your produce home, you can put the bags directly in the fridge to make your food last even longer. We wrote an entire blog post about how Celestial Gifts can improve the shelf life of your fresh product. Check it out here.
  2. You can pop popcorn in a muslin bag. Not only is this good for the environment, it’s better for your health and your wallet. Buying unpopped kernels in bulk is much more affordable than individually wrapped packs. And with unpopped kernels, you can customize the toppings and cut down drastically on excess sodium and other unhealthy additions. To use a Celestial Gift bag to make popcorn, be sure to leave enough room in a large bag and do not overfill it with kernels. You can use about a quarter of a cup and microwave it for two minutes. Listen while the popcorn is in the microwave, and just like with packaged popcorn, you can take the bag out once the popping slows down. We recommend using this size muslin bag.
  3. Use Celestial Gifts instead of plastic zip-up bags. Our bags come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect to use instead of plastic zip up bags. For dry foods like chips, pretzels, and even raw vegetables, use a muslin bag instead of plastic. You can still conveniently place them in a lunch bag, pantry or fridge. You can wash your Celestial Gift bags as well, so buying a few sets in several sizes would last you a fairly long time.


Earth Day is about celebrating different ways we can be kinder to the planet we live on. These three tips are easy to incorporate in your day to day life, and could drastically reduce the amount of plastic consumed. If you’re interested in learning more ways to make eco-friendly choices, head over to our Pinterest board dedicated to green living. Do you have any other ideas for how you can use Celestial Gifts to replace traditional disposable goods?

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