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3 Ways to Reduce Waste with Celestial Gifts

Family holding Earth in hands for Earth Day.

Celestial Gifts muslin bags are made from 100% US grown cotton, making them friendly for the environment. Since our bags are made from high quality muslin, Celestial Gifts are reusable. This Earth Day, we encourage  you to consider these easy ways you can reduce waste by incorporating Celestial Gifts in place of something disposable.

  1. Use a muslin bag for produce instead of plastic bags at the grocery store. If you purchase a lot of fresh produce, you probably use a lot of disposable plastic bags. Muslin bags are a breathable, reusable alternative to take with you to the store. Once you bring your produce home, you can put the bags directly in the fridge to make your food last even longer. We wrote an entire blog post about how Celestial Gifts can improve the shelf life of your fresh product. Check it out here.
  2. You can pop popcorn in a muslin bag. Not only is this good for the environment, it’s better for your health and your wallet. Buying unpopped kernels in bulk is much more affordable than individually wrapped packs. And with unpopped kernels, you can customize the toppings and cut down drastically on excess sodium and other unhealthy additions. To use a Celestial Gift bag to make popcorn, be sure to leave enough room in a large bag and do not overfill it with kernels. You can use about a quarter of a cup and microwave it for two minutes. Listen while the popcorn is in the microwave, and just like with packaged popcorn, you can take the bag out once the popping slows down. We recommend using this size muslin bag.
  3. Use Celestial Gifts instead of plastic zip-up bags. Our bags come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect to use instead of plastic zip up bags. For dry foods like chips, pretzels, and even raw vegetables, use a muslin bag instead of plastic. You can still conveniently place them in a lunch bag, pantry or fridge. You can wash your Celestial Gift bags as well, so buying a few sets in several sizes would last you a fairly long time.


Earth Day is about celebrating different ways we can be kinder to the planet we live on. These three tips are easy to incorporate in your day to day life, and could drastically reduce the amount of plastic consumed. If you’re interested in learning more ways to make eco-friendly choices, head over to our Pinterest board dedicated to green living. Do you have any other ideas for how you can use Celestial Gifts to replace traditional disposable goods?

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DIY Allergy Remedies with Celestial Gifts

Allergy relief from aromatherapy essential oils

With spring in full swing, allergy season is coming on strong. Throughout the US, trees are starting to bloom, and flowers are growing. The beauty of the season is much appreciated, but itchy eyes and runny noses are not quite so enjoyable. This year, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY allergy remedies to beat allergy season.

  1. If you have a tub, try taking a bath. The steam from a bath or shower will naturally help clear up any congestion, but by adding a few things to your bath, you can take that effect even further. Instead of opting for something like a menthol rub, you can achieve the same results by adding eucalyptus and peppermint to your bath. You can also try using frankincense, a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. You can either drop the oil directly in the tub, or you can make your own salt blend. This is a great opportunity to try using one of our plastic Celestial Gifts bags to store your finished salts.
  2. Custom tea blends can incorporate herbs and flavors that will alleviate different aspects of allergy symptoms. For a blend that will make you sleepy and provide some comfort, use a chamomile base and add lavender buds. Lavender teas are becoming more popular for not only their unique flavor, but the many perks lavender aromatherapy provides. Once you’ve combined all the ingredients together, you can place a small portion in a Celestial Gift bag for steeping. Once your brew has reached your desired temperature, you can add honey or freshly squeezed lemon juice to your mug to help soothe sore throats.
  3. Make your own wax melts with the right ingredients for DIY allergy relief. If you have experience making DIY wax melts, this will be right up your alley. All you’ll need is a wax of your choice (we recommend soy melts for the best scent throw), a cute silicone mold, and some essential oils. Once you’ve melted down the wax, add some drops of oil into the mixture. You can use a blend of peppermint and lavender for a light, yet potent scent that will make breathing a little bit easier. Pour the hot wax into a silicone mold, and leave it to cool. Once cooled, store your wax melts in a Celestial Gift bag until you’re ready to use one.

DIY allergy remedies are a natural, effective way to alleviate unpleasant symptoms during pollen season. If you tend to experience congestion or sore throat this time of year, we encourage you to try one of these DIY allergy remedies.

This article is strictly the opinion of Celestial Gifts and should not be taken as medical advice from a licensed professional. For serious medical concerns, contact a healthcare provider.

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Spring Wedding Favor Ideas 2019

Muslin bags set up at a wedding for wedding favor ideas

Wedding season is swiftly approaching. Many of our customers purchase Celestial Gifts to use in their weddings. Whether you are a wedding planner, or you’re a bride mapping out all the details to your wedding, one of the most important things to consider is wedding favors. Wedding favors allow you to thank your guests for attending your wedding. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite  wedding favor ideas that are on trend in 2019. This year, Etsy is predicting that functional wedding favors will be popular amongst brides and guests.

  1. Create your own custom tea blend. You can stamp the date of your wedding on the bag, or you can write out the ingredients. The possibilities are endless. There are websites you can use to create your own blend, or you can purchase herbs and spices in bulk and have fun DIYing it! More of a coffee drinker? You can put whole or ground beans in a muslin bag as a favor as well.
  2. Wildflower seeds are easy to plant and make for a unique wedding favor. You can purchase large sacks of wildflower seed from a home improvement or gardening store. All you’ll need to do is divide the seed in a muslin bag and include a printed card with instructions on how to scatter the seed. Guests can plant the seeds and have memories that last months after the wedding.
  3. A beauty product can be custom packaged for a thoughtful, useful favor. You could opt for a lip balm, soap, or even a bath product. You could try your hand at making these yourself, or you could place an order with a wholesaler.
  4. Bundle together a mini olive oil and balsamic for a classy take home treat. Miniature bottles of these products can be purchased in large quantities for a surprisingly low cost. By putting them in a Celestial Gifts bag, your guests can keep them together easily so they don’t get separated.


We hope you found this round up of wedding favor ideas to be helpful. No matter what favor you decide to go with, you can add an extra personal touch with our custom stamping option. We can stamp the wedding date, a print, names or anything else you can dream of. With a functional wedding favor, guests are sure to remember your special day with fond memories and a useful gift.

If you’re planning to use muslin bags at your wedding, stock up on Celestial Gifts now! Through the end of March, customers will receive 10% off their purchase using the coupon code spring2019. There’s only a few days left to take advantage of this deal. Shop for Celestial Gifts now.

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4 Kid-Friendly Crafts to Try

Mother helping daughter with kid friendly craft

Working on crafts with your kids can be fun and entertaining for both of you. Our cotton muslin bags serve as a perfect baseline for a variety of different crafts. Whether you’re a novice crafter, or you’ve been DIY-ing for years, we’ve come up with a few ideas for kid-friendly crafts that we think you’ll love.

  1. Decorate Celestial Gift bags and organize game pieces. If your family loves board games, you’ve probably lost a few pieces here and there. Celestial Gifts make it easy to keep track of dice, place markers, cards and a variety of other game pieces. You can label each bag to make it easy every time you clean up and set up your games. As a bonus, this idea works really well with Legos!
  2. Break out some markers and create your own gift bags. Placing a large order of Celestial bags gives you plenty of opportunities to decorate gift bags so you’re ready for any occasion. You can make some for birthdays, holidays, or just because! The next time your child needs to give a gift to a friend or loved one, they will have lots of options to choose from.
  3. Freshen clothing drawers with dried herb sachets. Muslin bags are a breathable fabric that work wonderfully for scent sachets. This natural craft is an easy way to make clothes smell fresh for longer. You can use a variety of different herbs, but we love dried citrus peels, lavender, and dried rosemary. Add a few drops of essential oils for even more fragrance! If you want to decorate the outside of the bag, you could try hand-stamping drawings of the different herbs inside the sachets.
  4. Make you own hand warmers. DIY hand warmers are typically made out of old socks. But you could just as easily fill a muslin bag with rice and make a hand warmer that way. You can decorate the outside with funky patterns or prints. Just make sure you stay away from glitter and glues that may not hold up well to microwaving!

You can use Celestial Gifts in all of these crafts. Celestial Gifts muslin bags are 100% biodegradable, and made from U.S. grown cotton. You can count on Celestial Gifts for a quality, eco-friendly product that will inspire you and your family. Which one of these kid-friendly crafts caught your eye the most?