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Add Patriotic Flavor to Memorial Day Weekend

Hosting your first Memorial Day backyard cookout? Hand out fun, patriotic party favors to hold guests over until the burgers are grilled! Celestial Gifts cotton muslin bags with red and navy stitching are perfect to fill with treats such as:

-Red, white and blue M&Ms.
-Patriotic trail mix (marshmallows, licorice and blue M&Ms!)
-Yogurt covered pretzels with colored sprinkles
-Popcorn drizzled with red, white and blue frosting

If you’re worried about spoiling dinner, hand out the goody bags before guests leave as a special treat and a “thank you” for coming!

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Mother’s Day in the Bag with Celestial Gifts!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Treat your mom with a homemade gift you know she’ll love by filling a Celestial Gifts cotton muslin bag with goodies unique to her interests!

Here are a few ideas:

-Spa Kit: Sweet-smelling soups, bath salts, lotion and a face mask.
-Green Thumb: Gardening tools, seed packets, gardening gloves and hand cream.
-Rainy Day: Tea packets, bookstore gift card, pencils and a cute journal.
-Homemaker: Spatula, wooden spoon, new recipes and mini cookie-cutters.

Go the extra mile by custom-stamping your gift bag with a personalized message!

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Give the Gift of Gardens with Seed Bags!

April showers bring the perfect opportunity to put new color in your gardens! Gift your friends and family special seed bags for them to plant their own fruits, vegetables or beautiful flowers. Our Celestial Gifts 5×8 cotton bags are perfect for these gifts , because you can customize them for any occasion! Get them custom stamped with a graphic or design something on your own. Your friends and family will love the gift for their gardens and can reuse the bags to reduce waste!

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Celebrate Your Easter with Celestial Gifts

We have a few DIY ideas to make your Easter weekend truly special for everyone! From Easter baskets, egg hunts and games, you can use Celestial Gifts cotton muslin bags to add a bit of creativity to your holiday weekend. Try these ideas with your own family!

Candy Bags
● Stuff your kids’ favorite sweets into small 3×5 bags and hide them around the house or yard or put them in their baskets!
Egg Hunt
● For your egg hunt, use large 18×16 bags for kids to place their prizes in, and custom stamp them or decorate them yourself!
Bunny Toss
● Draw a rabbit on a 3-foot piece of stiff cardboard and cut holes for the rabbit’s mouth and stomach.
● Fill small 3×5 bags with candy or filling and tie them closed
● Have kids throw their bags through the holes for points!

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Celestial Gifts Bags for your Spring Wedding!

Rustic, natural and homemade weddings are on trend right now, and you can implement Celestial Gifts Bags in multiple ways for yours! Our bags are made of premium cotton grown and minimally processed in the USA and come in a variety of sizes and styles! You can find the kind that best fits with your wedding and get them custom stamped with a graphic.

Use them for:

• Unique invitation holders
• Groomsmen/Bridesmaid Gift Wrapping
• Party Favor Bags
• Rice bags
• Picture holders

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Welcome Spring Back Into Your Home!

It’s time to gear up for the 2017 Spring Clean, and there’s nothing better than a fresh clean house! The best way to keep that feeling going is to imbue your home with beautiful scents! All it takes is one of the smaller Celestial Gifts muslin bags and some ordinary ingredients you can find at the grocery or craft store!

Here’s how to do it:

• Get 4×6 cotton bags or ones at your preferred size.
• Fill them with your favorite scents, like lavender seeds, cedar chips, and essential oils.
• Pull the drawstrings tight and place them around the house!

If you’re serious about your decorating, you can get the bags custom stamped!

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Make Travel Easy with Cotton Muslin Bags

You can sometimes underestimate how much you need on vacation, especially when exploring a new city or country. In order to stay organized, use Celestial Gifts cotton muslin bags to store and organize essentials in your backpack or purse!

Use Celestial Gifts 5×7 cotton muslin bags to hold your currency and cards safely together, and use a larger 6×8 bag for a small first aid kit containing antiseptic and bandages as well as any vital prescriptions. Have an extra bag to store an extra phone battery or an external charger! You can have these bags custom stamped by us, or you can do it yourself, though we recommend a discrete graphic for your money. With all of your travel essentials organized, you can enjoy your trip with your belongings safe and easily accessible