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Make a Lovely Valentine’s Gift Bag!

Valentine’s Day is the best time to express your love for someone in a way only you can! Make your message unique by creating a Valentine’s Gift bag using Celestial Gifts cotton muslin bags! You can use any size from a small 3×5 bag or an 8×14 bag, as long as you can fit any candy, gifts or special messages you want to include.

If you want to make your Valentine’s Gift Bag even more special, you can paint or stamp a graphic onto the bag before filling it, or let us stamp it for you! You can pick from one our designs or send in your custom artwork for us to use! Making a gift as unique as your Valentine's is the best way to express your love.

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A Resolution Every Week

Make 2017 your year by sticking with your goals with the help of Celestial Gifts bags! Write 52 things you wanted to do this past year but never found the time and stick each one into a large bag. Every week, pick one thing out of the bag and do it! No excuses!

Include the whole family in the idea by customizing each person’s bag with their stamped initials! You can buy your own stamps at your local craft store or have Celestial Gifts do it! Pick out the perfect bag for your needs like the 4×6 cotton drawstring bags (×6-red-hem-and-navy-cotton-drawstring-bags/) and order your custom stamping(!

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Ideas for the Holidays with Celestial Gifts Bags

Save the hassle of holiday shopping and add more sentiment to your gift-giving with DIY gifts this season. Use these ideas for celebrating the holidays creatively and responsibly!

Delicious Snack Bags
Get several family sized bags of gourmet nuts, candy or treats and fill 6 x 8 cotton bags with the recipient’s favorite or a mixture! Even better, custom stamp them with their initials! This is great gift that can be customized for just about everyone!

Unique Gift Bags
Go green and forgo wrapping paper! Use Celestial Gifts bags instead! They can be uniquely customized to your liking and be reused rather than thrown away! We also have a large variety of sizes to accommodate even larger gifts!

The Gift of Celestial Gifts
Know an artist selling their products online in plastic? Give the gift of branded product packaging adorned with their personal logo! This gives their business a professional look while remaining environmentally conscious. Our bags come in large packs, so you can have them prepared for up to a thousand orders!

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Give Your Thanksgiving a Rustic Touch

Thanksgiving is all about gathering with friends and family, relaxing and being thankful for each other. When you’re preparing for company, it’s always key to set a warm and cozy atmosphere for your guests. Celestial Gifts bags are perfect when giving the house a rustic touch.

This Thanksgiving, try these ideas:
• Fill smaller bags like our popular 5 x 7 bags with small snacks like nuts or a tasty trail mix to tide people over until your main feast.
• Give your guests a party favor in a bag custom stamped with your design or one of ours.
• Make your house smell even better by filling small 3 x 4 bags with fragrant pumpkin seeds or dried apples.

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Use Sustainable Muslin Bags Around the House

Storage is a necessity in most households for holding handfuls of small things, like loose paperclips in the office, needles in the sewing kit or screws in the garage. Instead of using plastic bags that are not only environmentally un-friendly but not aesthetically pleasing, use Celestial Gifts cotton bags! These bags are environmentally friendly and, of course, look great! If you’re looking to label them, either have us custom stamp them, stamp them yourself or even quicker draw the item in the bag on the outside with a marker.

Remember our bags don’t just come in smaller sizes! We have a tiny 2.75 x 4 bag all the way up to a 20 x 20 bag for larger items like books. With Celestial Gifts bags, you can transform your home storage in something unique, attractive and most importantly, sustainable.

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Spooky Halloween Treat Bags

This Halloween, go the extra mile with personalized candy bags to hand out to trick-or-treaters or as party favors! With the small muslin bags from Celestial Gifts, you can include an assortment of special candies and prizes with a special stamped graphic. This way, you know exactly how much you have and can easily control how much is taken.

If you want a “scary” pumpkin, witch or ghost on your bags either order a custom graphic from us or do it yourself! Here’s how:

• Get your desired stamps and inks from your local craft store.
• Test your stamping on paper or scrap material to get the pressure and ink saturation perfect.
• Insert a barrier inside the bag to prevent any possible bleeding.
• Stamp the bags and let dry if necessary.

If you don’t have the time to go through the steps, we’ll gladly stamp them ourselves! Halloween is approaching quickly, so order today!

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Cotton Muslin Bags for School Organization

School is just about in full swing, and if you’re falling behind in getting the needed supplies, our inexpensive cotton bags are perfect for several necessities. And better yet, they can be customized with stamps and embroidery!

Use the bags for:
1. Pencil bags
2. Reusable lunch bags
3. Laptop sleeves
4. Bookbags for light loads
5. Lunch money bags

The best part of these bags is with their low cost and the inevitable beating they’ll take, replacement won’t break the bank! Order a pack from us that will last years!

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Freshen up your laundry with Lavender Dryer Bags

While today’s detergents are imbued with synthetic fragrance, there’s nothing better than the beautiful smell of fresh lavender. Using just Celestial Gifts muslin drawstring bags and fresh lavender buds, you can have your whole family sniffing the laundry all day.

To make them, simply fill the muslin bags with the lavender buds and pull the drawstrings tight. Be sure you don’t fill the bags so much you can’t completely close them. To be safe, you can tie the drawstrings in a knot so nothing spills out.

To use, toss the bag in the dryer. While the bags themselves are very fragrant, they only leave a small trace of the lavender, so add another bag if you want the scent stronger. The bags last through several loads of laundry and refill easily. For a personal touch, you can embroider a design on the front or we can custom stamp a graphic of your choice!

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Simplify your gardening with muslin grow bags

Looking for an easier way to grow small plants and vegetables? Try using our cotton muslin bags as makeshift planters! You control every factor in the growing process, including soil, water, food and sunlight, and they can fit any plant size from tiny herbs to budding tomato plants.

Here’s how:
• Pick out what you want to grow and get bags for that size.
• Load the bags with the proper soil, food, and seeds.
• Prop multiple bags together or in a separate container.
• Make sure water drainage is caught and dispensed regularly.

This method is perfect for gifting vegetable plants and flowers, as it’s easily supplanted into the soil. Additionally, our bags are cotton which our biodegradable and won’t hurt the environment!

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Make beach trips easier for everyone

It’s almost the end of summer and the temperature is at its peak, which means it’s the perfect time to go the beach. Unfortunately, beach trips can be frustrating at times, but making use of our cotton muslin bags can help the vacation be nothing but smooth sailing.

Everyone knows beach food is not the most cost-effective option, so bring lunch from home or hotel in our muslin bags for a more economical option. The bag will protect your food from gritty sand and bringing your own meal will save you quite a few bucks.

If you have kids, you know the problems with beach toys bringing sand back into your car, hotel room and eventually your home, no matter how clean you think you got them. The best way to carry these sand traps is in (you guessed it) our muslin bags. After you wash them off in the ocean, throw them in the bags for next time, keeping anything gritty inside.